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Bail Bonds in Cherokee County GA

No matter what time of the day or what the reason, we have agents on standby so call 24/7 All Bail Bonds right now at 678-831-8188.


The Cherokee County Bail Bond Process

Once a person is arrested, they must be booked. This process may take as little as forty-five minutes to several hours. Once a judge sets the amount of the bond, the person also known as the defendant, may post bail and be released until an arraignment hearing date is set. A bond is designed to guarantee said defendant’s appearance in court.The bonding company guarantees to the court that they will pay the total amount of the bond should the defendant fail to appear for court. When posting a bond with a bonding company, a cosigner or indemnitor is required. A cosigner or indemnitor which is often times a friend or relative, will sign a contract with the bonding company insuring financial responsibility should the said defendant fail to appear for any and all court dates. This obligation does not end until the court has exonerated the bonding company from the case. Should the defendant fail to appear in court, the cosigner or indemnitor will need to turn the defendant into the bonding company to be surrendered or get the case reset. If the defendant absconds, the cosigner or indemnitor must pay the full amount of the bond. The bonding company will then forward the amount to the courts.Once the cosigner or indemnitor has signed a contract with the bail bonding company, the bail agent will prepare the necessary paperwork for the defendant’s release. You may co-sign by email, fax or in person at our office. Once the paperwork has taken place in the jail, the defendant is then released.

Bond Info Needed

The main thing is to call us, be totally honest and direct, and to have as much information pertaining to the arrestee or case as possible. We will help you every step of the way. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information shown here, we will work with as much as you have.Having the following information will quicken the bond release process. It’s O.K. if you are missing something or do not have all the information below, just give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

  • The arrestee’s name and date of birth.
  • The city and state, and name of the jail holding the arrestee.
  • The date the person was arrested.
  • The amount of the bail if known.
  • A current major credit card.

Contact Info

24/7 All Bail Bonds in Cherokee

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Canton Bail Bonds Company
Who is liable for the bail bond? 2018-04-04T04:13:24+00:00

The indemnitor is financially liable for the bail bond. The indemnitor’s liability is limited to the full face value of the bail bond and any expenses that is accrued if forfeiture occurs. Note: It is very important the indemnitor feels confident the defendant will appear in all of his/her court appearances or posting a bail bond is not recommended. It is recommended that the co-signer maintain a very close relationship with the defendant and keeping an open line of communication.

How long is a bail bond good for? 2018-04-04T04:12:31+00:00

The Bail Bond is valid as long as the court case is in pending status. The bail bond will remain valid if all conditions have been met.

Is the bail bond premium refundable? 2018-04-04T04:11:42+00:00

Once the bail bond is posted and accepted by a court or jail, liability is taken on the bail bond. At that point the bail bond premium is fully earned and is not refundable.

What will I need in order to secure a bail bond? 2018-04-04T04:10:24+00:00

In addition to the required bail bond premium, you will need to bring proper identification, address and telephone number.

How much does a bail bond cost? 2018-04-04T04:09:51+00:00

When you use a licensed bail bond company like us, once bail is set you only pay a portion of the set bail amount. The amount will depend on the factors of your case. Please call us at 678-263-7995 for your specific case.

What hours do you operate? 2018-04-04T04:08:39+00:00

We’re ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whenever you call, there will be a licensed bail bond agent available and ready to help. 678-263-7995

Where can I get a bail bond? 2018-04-04T04:29:20+00:00

You can get a bail bond by calling 24/7 Anytime Bail Bonds at 678-263-7995. One of our licensed bail agents will confidentially discuss your individual situation and assist with all of your bail bond needs.

Where can a bail bond be posted? 2018-04-04T04:07:19+00:00

A bail bond can be posted at most courts and jails. Most jails accept bail bonds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 of the year.

What is a bail bond? 2018-04-04T04:05:34+00:00

A bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in each and every court appearance as the court directs. If the defendant fails to comply with the conditions of the court then warrants can be issued and the bail bond can be forfeited.

About 24/7 All Bail Bonds Service In Canton, Cherokee County, GA

Eric Bennett, owner of 24/7 All Bail Bonds and 24/7 Fly Free Bail Bonds, has been serving Forsyth, Dawson, Rabun Counties and the City of Cumming for years. Eric is honored to bring his experience to Cherokee County. Eric and his family have served the area for 30 years and he has established himself as one of the finest, most professional providers in the business. Eric is a third-generation bondsman. Eric and his staff have unmatched experience and knowledge of the criminal court system and their fast, friendly, reliable one-on-one service clearly sets 24/7 apart from others. Dozens of former clients, defense attorneys, court clerks and jail staff all attest to their higher level of knowledge and professionalism because their primary goal has always been to serve the clients, not sell them.

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24/7 All Bail Bonds of Cherokee County is located on 157 W. Marietta Street, Canton. From Cherokee County Airport (CNI) head southwest and turn right. Next, turn right toward Airport Dr and turn left onto Airport Dr. Then turn right onto the Alanta ramp and merge onto I-575 S. After that take exit 16B toward GA-140 E/Canton/Roswell. Finally, turn right onto Hickory Flat Hwy and turn right onto Marietta Rd. 24/7 All Bail Bonds of Cherokee County will be on your left. We are open 24/7. For additional questions you can call us at 770-557-5998.

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